Multiple Myeloma is Common in Black Communities

Common chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure aren’t the only conditions that Black communities experience more than other racial groups do. There are certain blood cell disorders that are also more common in Black communities too.

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Dr. Craig Cole Is on our side in the fight against multiple myeloma

Blood cancer expert Dr. Cole has almost 20 years of experience in treating patients with multiple myeloma. He has seen firsthand the positive impact clinical research have on our community’s health, and he’s working with NOWINCLUDED to continue improving Black health.

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HealthTree Foundation

With technology expertise, Jenny Ahlstrom and her husband Paul believed that patients could accelerate a cure by sharing their cancer stories and data with their peers and with the research community and launched the HealthTree Foundation in 2012.

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Sharing Your Stories as told by you

Listen to Tamara’s experiences with multiple myeloma.

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