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Share your story of strength against blood and bone marrow disorders with communities of color on Forever Strong. Belinda has already shared tips from her fight with AL amyloidosis that can help other people of color live healthier lives.

What’s your story of strength?

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Multiple myeloma:
twice as likely, twice as deadly

It’s an unfortunate fact we have to face: multiple myeloma is twice as common in the Black community compared to other ethnicities and twice as deadly in Black patients compared to white patients. But this can change when you know how to recognize the disease early and take action.

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Have you heard about lymphoma?

Knowing your enemy and knowing yourself are keys to winning any fight. To stay ahead of any potential fights with lymphoma, here’s what we have on one of the top 10 common cancers in the U.S. and any potential risks you might have. 

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Your story of strength can help educate people of color who are not familiar with blood and bone marrow disorders and support others who might be going through similar experiences as you. Your story can remind them that they’re not alone, there is help, and there is hope. You can be their strength when they are in need — same as how we want to be your strength when you are in need of support for better health.

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